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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's]

  1. What is SDRN?  

The objective of the State Disaster Resource Network [ SDRN ] system is to develop a comprehensive database that will have a complete profile of each and every village, taluka and district within the state and serve the purpose of various govt. departments as an when required. This data will be processed and presented in different forms like Data Reports, visual interpretation like Maps, Graphs etc. The system will help in proper decision making, gap analysis and in general all the relevant information regarding a village, taluka and district in a state. The system will also help in identifying various disaster prone areas within the state and track the resources in terms of health facilities, search and rescue, shelter as well as other resources at village, taluka and district level.

  2. What all information is available on SDRN?  

State Disaster Resource Network [SDRN] stores, processes and produces query able reports on
a) Hazards faced,
b) Vulnerable elements at risk,
c) Disaster History,
d) Resources available and
e) Emergency contacts.
All of these reports could be produced at village, taluka or district level.

  3. How to access SDRN?  

It is accessible to all Taluka and District administration officers through computer network. It is uploaded (hosted) on Gujarat State Wide Area Network [GSWAN] a network that connects all computers at Govt. offices through fiber optic cable.
website address to access this SDRN [ ie. for accessing] is:

  4. Who all can access SDRN?  

SDRN can be accessed by all the talukas and districts of Gujarat state. Also it is accessible by various decision makers like state level Secretaries, Collectors, Taluka Development Officers, Mamlatdars and various disaster management authorities like GSDMA (Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority), state control room, Relief commissioners etc.

  5. Which networks can access the system?  

This system uses GSWAN as backbone, so the system can be accessed by the Gujarat State Wide Area Network [ GSWAN ] domain. SDRN cannot be accessed by other domains. A Demonstration version is on the internet and the address is:-

  6. How much secure is the system?  

The State Disaster Resource Network [ SDRN ] has a layered security. The system is accessible by GSWAN domain only and the system is protected by a username and password. Also the users are having different access rights as per there level   ( State, District, Taluka ).

  7. Does the report generated through SDRN is the complete Village Plan ?  
      No, the reports generated through SDRN are the supplements and not the complete Village Disaster Management Plan [ VDMP ].  

 Disaster Risk Management Programme
 [ MHA (Govt. of India), UNDP ]
Jointly Implemented By : Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority &
United Nations Development Programme

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